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Colinse is the unrivaled choice for discerning consumers the world over in need of exceptional haptic/tactile sensory entertainment systems.

Colinse offerings include a new physical dimension (4th dimension) haptic vibration system that's completely unique in the world of gaming, movie, and music entertainment. The ViBE4DKRATOS 4DROYALE4D brands are our consistently high-performing product applications on wearable 4D straps, AR/VR suits, gaming chairs, and home theater seating. They've revolutionized entertainment across the spectrum of the industry.

We want to supply the world with an unexampled tactile feel and entertainment experience that lifts the quality of your lives by using our 4DS system and tactile transducer or bass shaker technologies. Our goal is to keep growing in our appreciation of the great 4th dimension system, quality, and a thirst for life right along with our customers.

As a result, we sincerely invite you to be our branding partner by sending your plan on how to promote one or more products of Colinse, we will contact you for further discussion as soon as possible. 

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