The Birth of Entertainment Revolution

I remember my first experience with 4D cinema. The theatre seat felt like riding a rocket - the haptic feedback was mind-blowing.

What if you could have the sensation of a 4D theatre in your own space - with games, movies and music that move you? No need to sell your firstborn for a cinema ticket! You could enjoy affordable entertainment when you decide. Well, that’s why we do what we do.

Our company COLINSE leads the way in cutting-edge tactile technology. We’ve redefined home entertainment, converting video games, movies, AR/VR, and music into fully immersive experiences.

With our ground-breaking products - the Kratos Gaming Chair, the Vibe Cushion, Royale Home Theatre Seating - we’ve engineered the latest in haptic feedback in our at-home gaming and entertainment simulator product line. 

When it comes to playing, we don’t play!

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